Charley Crockett // Son of Davy


I’ve been living this life from one song to the next and moving from town to town for longer than I can remember… So you best believe I got some records to put out.

Beginning as a teenager performing on New Orleans street corners and in New York City subways, Charley Crockett is carving out his place as an important original voice in American music.  

A descendant of Davy Crockett and very much a Woody Guthrie in our time, Charley has taken the Texas music scene by surprise, winning The Dallas Observer’s Best Blues Act Award following the release of his debut album, ‘A Stolen Jewel,’ in May of 2015. Recorded in a farm house in remote Northern California, the album is a raw testament to the eclectic rambling spirit of Crockett and his deep roots in the music of Texas and Louisiana. With growing critical and public acclaim, the South Texas native isn’t wasting any time. Charley is already busy promoting another album, ‘In The Night’ which is scheduled for release in June of 2016.

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