Vincent Neil Emerson // East Texas Blues


I look at blues in a different way than most people. Most people think of Stevie Ray Vaughan when they think of the blues. I think about Hank Williams. There’s a great connection between blues music and country music. The blues are more than just a 12 bar thing. It’s a feeling.

 Vincent Neil Emerson, is a singer-songwriter based in Dallas/Fort Worth, hailing from East Texas. 
His songwriting style is influenced by Americana music from the blues, to early country, and traditional / modern folk music.

"As much as Fort Worth is known for being a western type of town (and for Billy Bob’s Texas), we’re seeing its country colors fly in a more exciting way than ever before. Emerson, another Panther City artist, released East Texas Blues earlier this year and, simply put, it’s a stunner from beginning to end. Carrying a strong retro vibe that’s authentic and fresh, not kitschy, tunes such as “Hesitation Blues” seem like the work of a dude twice his age. Emerson mixes jumping juke-joint numbers with noir sounds and a sincere folk sensibility to make an album that will have anyone listening hit the “repeat” button, well, repeatedly." 5 best Country Artists of 2015 list -The Dallas Observer.