Changes Lives

This might not sound like anything new. Of course, lives are changed every day through volunteer work. But I’m not just talking about the people being served—I’m talking about the volunteers.

Research shows that when you volunteer your time to help others, you're also helping to improve your own life.  In other words, the more you volunteer, the happier you'll be. 

The fact is, you can help others while helping yourself. After I made this discovery, I began to invest my time in causes bigger than myself and witnessed the impact it had on my outlook towards life.

What is Movement of the People?

Through Movement of the People, the goal is to motivate and inspire anyone who is “stuck” to forge a new path and to discover what they truly have to offer in this world!

Movement of the People is a collection of creative individuals, using their unique skills to make a difference in the community.  Whatever skills you possess, you can make a lasting difference.

We have partnered with local charities and non-profits in several areas of interest.  Let us connect you to a unique volunteer experience crafted specifically for you!